Above & Beyond Senior shoot

For those seniors who want to go above and beyond! Special portrait shoots.

I am all about doing it right or not at all. High-end portrait photography shouldn't be exclusive to high-end models only. I would love to shoot you (with friends or not) at the most amazing locations in Colorado and introduce you to the best local hair & make-up artists and use my special props. Let me shoot you in my parachute dress, or organize a themed fashion shoot in downtown Boulder or Denver with your friends. Whether you'd like me to feature your passions or your beauty/talents, I'd love to hear all about it. These shoots usually involve an additional assistant, hair and make up artist, special props and a videographer - please book at least 6 months ahead to organize this. Contact me for ideas and a quote. Price ranges from $2200 and up.

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Jasmine and our parachute dress

Jasmine was one of true beautiful seniors and wanted to do something special. We put together a parachute dress HS senior shoot at South Mesa and Lost Gulch.

Kyra & Cheer friends

Kyra and her friends are incredible cheerleaders. We set up a shoot in downtown Denver and used a lot of smoke bombs to make it special.

Ballerina flour shoot

Rachel is a true ballerina. We put together a shoot at her home barn with dark backdrops and lots of flour.

Emerson and Shamus Dance shoot

Emerson and Shamus are one of those promising future young ballet dancers who have a special connection. I was honored to put together this amazing shoot with them on top of Lost Gulch in Boulder.