About me

I am heading to 60, but photography and you all keep me young and going. I don't think I'll ever stop photographing, I love what I do and giving it my all has gotten me to where I am today in just a few years. I do not use any substitute photographers or editors, it's me you get from beginning to end. I mainly shoot high school seniors, studio sports team photos, professional portraits and family mini shoots right now.

I pride myself in giving it my all in order to not only produce photos I am absolutely proud of but turning your shoot into a special occasion you will not forget. You can book a small shoot with me but I truly love large shoots where there are no limits. I spend 2 hours or so with no limits on full shoots. Every shoot includes all edited high resolution photos - see approx. amount of photos per type of shoot on the pricing page.

I'm very laid back. I take my time getting to know everyone, shooting your session and personally editing each and every picture individually. I used to be a graphic designer and have worked with Photoshop for many years. I deliver a high quality product on which I spend way too many hours on perfecting and retouching, and am honestly really proud to have my name attached to.

I have a photography permit to shoot at all of my listed locations. I take pride in making sure I am allowed and welcomed into my locations. Please contact me at least a week prior to your shoot to ensure I have reserved a spot at these locations.

I love my photography career and I really love getting to know and capturing different personalities and stories. I would love to capture you and your story.

Fun facts

  • I was born in Suriname (South America), moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) at 17 years of age and to Denver in 2010. Colorado is my home now and I don’t ever want to leave. It is beyond gorgeous here and I love all the people !
  •  I have 3 nationalities, which makes renewing passports quite a traveling task.
  • I speak 4 languages and sound like a foreigner in all of them.
  •  I am married to an American from New Jersey. I met him in a bar in Amsterdam.
  •  I have a master’s degree in European Politics – which is not very useful in the US.
  •  I have home schooled my kids ever since we moved to the U.S. They are now both in college and both honors students. I take all credit for that!
  • My best friend is my white Golden Retriever "Dexter." He comes to many of my shoots and loves to have his picture taken with you all. He has his own IG account: @dextershenanigans.

Behind the scenes photos

Many thanks to all the parents and other entourage fans for sending me BTS photos taken with your phones of shoots. Keep 'm coming, I will try to add them all. It has been fun capturing you all !