About me

I am heading to 60 soon, but photography and you all keep me young and going. I mean, who gets to do this at my age. I am so lucky! Honestly, your incredible feedback has kept me going above and beyond. I'll strike a pose right along with you at a shoot. I honestly don't think I'll ever stop photographing. I love what I do, and giving it my all has gotten me where I am today in just a few years.

I have not been a photographer all my life. It happened by accident, but it was the best day of my life when it did. I do not use any substitute photographers or editors, it's me you get from beginning to end. I mainly shoot high school seniors, studio sports team photos, professional portraits and family mini shoots right now.

I'm very laid back and go with the flow. I used to be a graphic designer and have worked with Photoshop for many more years I care to acknowledge. I deliver a high quality product of which I spend way too many hours on perfecting and retouching. In the end, I am honestly really proud of every photo I add to your gallery

I love my photography career and at my age, I really love getting to know and capturing different personalities and stories. I would love to capture you and your story.

Fun facts

  • Besides photography my big hobby is building Lego sets. It is so relaxing to do.
  • Most of my clients notice my "slight" accent during their shoot. My accent is not easily explained.
  • I was born in Suriname (South America), moved to Amsterdam (The Netherlands) at 17 years of age and to Denver in 2010.
  • My Dutch grandparents moved to Suriname (South America) ages before I was born. They started a wood company in the tropics. Suriname used to be a Dutch colony.
  • Colorado is my home now and I don’t ever want to leave. It is beyond gorgeous here and I love all the people and my new career here!
  • I have a Masters degree in European Politics. I thought I was going to travel the world with that. None of that is any good now.
  • We recently got an English Cream Golden Retriever - named Dexter. He often joins my shoots and loves to have his picture taken with you all. He has his own IG account. He is still a puppy. Help him out and follow him on @dextershenanigans.

Behind the scenes photos

Many thanks to all the parents and other entourage fans for sending me BTS photos taken with your phones of shoots. Keep 'm coming, I will try to add them all. It has been fun capturing you all !