Studio Sports Photography

Book your, your team or school's sports/portrait photos in my studio. These studio photos are taken with a black background and special effects and text are added in Photoshop after.

My studio is located at my home:

14370 Lakeview Ln.


Senior Banners

Senior banner pictures take 10 minutes in my studio. Effects are added in Photoshop.

A senior banner session in my studio is $75.

I design the senior banners free of charge, provided I can put my name at the bottom of your banner.

Printing costs for a 30x60 inch banner are $75 (+tax). Grommets are added for easy hanging on fences etc. The banners are printed on strong vinyl material and are waterproof so easy to hang up indoor or outdoor at high school sport fields.

Poster and Banners:

Yard Signs

Large yard signs are $55 a piece. Feature your love of your sport and celebrate your accomplishments with everyone in the neighborhood. I can design them however you like.

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