Studio Sports Photography

Book your, your team or school's sports/portrait photos in my studio. These studio photos are taken with a black background and special effects and text are added in Photoshop after. When the team can't come at the same time, I will Photoshop you all together.

My studio is located at my home:

14370 Lakeview Ln.


Senior Banners

Senior banner pictures take 10 minutes in my studio. Effects are added in Photoshop.

A senior banner session in my studio is $75.

I design the senior banners free of charge, provided I can put my name at the bottom of your banner.

Printing costs for a 30x60 inch banner are $75 (+tax). Grommets are added for easy hanging on fences etc. The banners are printed on strong vinyl material and are waterproof.

Poster and Banners:

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