Photo Products

Custom Designs

Your photo gallery will be linked to a professional print lab where you can order photo prints and other products. For best print quality, I highly recommend them. This is only for your convenience, you do not have to use this service as your high resolution photo downloads are included in your price and you can use and print your photos wherever you like.

I offer design services for your custom photo products. If you don't want to put together your own album online or need me to help figure out what wall art to purchase, contact me directly.

I also personally print a collection of high-end designer photo gifts myself in my new production facility. I design and produce large pins, printed t-shirts, socks, mugs, water bottles, tumblers, plates, magnets, stickers, posters, yard signs, Christmas ornaments, metal prints, glossy gift prints, etc. Some of these are available through the gallery and if not, please contact me directly for a quote.

Luxury Products


Leather Albums

8x8 / 10x10 / 12x12" Premium padded leather albums printed on thick pages.
10 spreads printed on luster paper. Each spread individually designed by Melissa Shanley.

Different sizes, leather options and additional spreads available.

$575 / $775 / $975

Acrylic Album + Box

10x10" Album and matching box. A gorgeous coffee table piece to show off your photos.
Various materials and colors.

Beautiful acrylic front covers in various shapes.
10 spreads printed tick paper. Each spread individually designed by Melissa Shanley.


Large Acrylic Album + Box + USB

12x12" album. Sample shows 14 spreads. Box includes a matching USB stick with your photos.

Various luxury materials, engraving and acrylic front options. Additional spreads available - all personally designed by Melissa Shanley


Wall Art

Various Wall Art

Framed prints, Acrylic prints or Metal prints on your wall. It all depends on your photo and your style. I would love to show you my samples, take a picture of your wall and help you choose the best option.

Prices vary from $575 for a large 16x24" acrylic print, to a smaller $85 for an 8x10" metal print for your wall.

I will bring sample frames and mats to create something different together with you.

Metal Wall Prints

8x10" $125

12x12" $225

16x20" $325

Contact me if you need help designing an album or what to put on your wall.

I also create fun products such as banners, buttons, tshirts, mugs, magnets, etc.

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